As a stay at home Mom and homeschooler, I use my spare time to create and use my crafty sense. What spare time? Often that’s how I feel, but as a multitasker you make do.
As parents we are active in our child rearing and follow practices more commonly known as attachment parenting. We are homeschooling our kindergartner and having fun doing that! I enjoy following blogs about peaceful parenting, cooking, and sewing. Since a part of our family is vegan I am mostly interested in vegan cooking and if I find some super fab recipes I will be publishing them on my blog as well.
I mostly blog about my crafts on my etsy store right now. I do a lot of sewing and even though I have not been actively sewing for too long, I learned it from my Mom who was a seamstress by trade and creation has been in the family for as long as I know! My favorite mediums, or fabrics, are from the designers Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Premier Prints, and so on, but I also see what goodies I can find at my local fabric stores. I love making bags, and am quite good at it (don’t mean to boast, sorry), but I also make children’s clothes, home goods, and some clothes for myself.
I recently got an embroidery. Machine so I can include that in my work for custom monograms, names, etc…
I love being challenged and making custom orders, so feel free to contact me about anything you may want and I will let you know if its something I can do.


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