Monthly Archives: February 2011

Monasbox & Bags customizations


Monasbox sells primarily on Etsy, but I have several other selling venues such as artfire, zibbet, and for the European shoppes, Dawanda. I also have my own website and email.

I am a stay at home Mom looking to supplement my previous income with what I love to do, creating. I started by making jewelry but have found more passion in sewing and designing. My interests are mostly in the children department such as girl’s clothes, diaper bags, or bib and burp cloth sets, but I also love making clutches, household goods, and you name it. One trend I have been working on are bridesmaids clutches-even metal framed ones.

I love to use mediums not so common, such as tulle and feathers on my bags, sequins on my skirts, designer fabrics such as Amy Butler, and others.

I also have a readily available embroiderer for any monograms, customizations, unique patches, or other individualization required.

As an artist myself, I would be happy to help support and blog about other artists who are willing to share blogs with me. Lets keep each other working, and keep our goods home made!

Thank you for supporting home made goods.