Cottage chic Holiday Wreaths


I am going trough a burlap phase that I really wanted to do last year but didn’t get around to it! A year later, but still just as fabulous, is a collection burlap wreaths and stockings as well! I am selling all my wreaths, so contact me at, or on my etsy page, for prices. They are very competitively priced in the range of $30-$45.IMG_1969.JPG





Upcycled purses from fabulous home decor sample fabrics.


I love it when I can use my creativity to explore and create beautiful new colors! Usually I make custom orders to my patrons specifications, or I make a repeat of something I have made before, and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE making that perfect bag for each client, but every once in awhile I have a little time in between, and some beautiful fabric that ignites that vision!

Lately I have been going through some fabrics I got from another wonderful artist! I have had the pleasure in making bags for a wonderful interior decorator and she has provided me with last seasons sample home decor fabrics to use if i want. Some of these are absolutely gorgeous! And they have been really fun to work with!

When working with these I usually have to do something small as the pieces are sample squares, and never duplicated but sometimes can coordinate. It is fun to look at a small square of fabric and visualize how this will become a beautiful purse with straps and lining and pockets etc…

My first choice to work with was this beautiful dark gray/brown linen with a maroon embroidered design on it! Being an embroiderer myself I love the details and elegance in this fabric and wonder how beautifully regal a full size drape might be, but I am satisfied with my 20″ by 20″ square and begin to cut.
I found a matching satin for the top of the purse which brings out the shininess of the embroidery thread adding glamor to the otherwise dullness of the gray linen. For the interior I found a glittery maroon damask fabric I have which is also very elegant. Custom fabric button and some leather straps for finishing touches and this chic, one of a kind, small ladies purse is ready for listing!


My next exploration was another embroidered piece of fabric. This one was narrower and long and I was able to use it in 3 pieces (2 pieces folded as front and back, and the other 3rd as a pocket inside) to create this beautiful kisslock wallet clutch. I am very pleased with my kisslock wallet clutches, as are many customers on etsy 🙂 and this one is especially beautiful with the way the embroidery is centered in the frame. It has an off white linen and the thread is silver so it has a very beautiful bridal quality to it. These wallets are smaller and thinner than clutches, so I would not consider them to be a full clutch, but they do fit all your cards, cash and in some cases a phone. I do make card pockets inside but the pockets for this one are limited, since the turquoise I used for the lining was also one of the sample fabrics. This has got to be my favorite shade of turquoise though (how many shades are there?) It’s vibrant and beautifully paired with the silver on the outside!















Sometimes when I go through fabrics I immediately visualize what it will become. That was the case for these 5 squares of fabric with a coral design. Each was a different color and I wasn’t sure how it would come together, but I knew it had to be beach bag of some sort. After matching colors that look good together and pairing it with a neutral chevron print it all came together perfectly!








Here are some more fabrics soon to be fabulous purses!




Months later…

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Some more finished bags and my display shelf at our local store Buy Nevada First Gift Shop and Info

Vegan upside down pineapple cake, yum!


One person in my household is vegan, but I love sweets and enjoy to cook, so I am learning to improvise! We had a pineapple that was not getting eaten fast enough, so I embark on my first upside down method of cake making! I got a recipe from vegan society blog and made a few modifications to it.
Where it calls for margarine and canola oil i just used coconut oil for both those instead! How can you go wrong with coconut and pineapple, right? There was some difficulties considering coconut oil is solid so I had to melt it first. Here is what I used (these measurements are an est., i do ot always go by the book! If you are particular about sticking to recipes go by the vegan society link i included).


½ cup melted coconut oil (for dissolving the brown sugar)
½ cup brown sugar (iused a granulated organic and it did not dissolve well)
Half a pineapple
2 ½ cups all-purpose flour
1 ⅓ cups sugar (I actually used half parts brown sugar and xylitol)
2 teaspoons baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
½ cup coconut butter
1 cup coconut milk (or rice, soy or your choice)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
½ cup unsweetened applesauce

For the glaze on top you will want to dissolve the sugar in the coconut oil over a very low heat. The original recipe called for margarine, but I changed mine to the coconut and my sugar did not dissolve ;-/ This will be the glaze on top so keep in mind the darker your brown sugar, the darker the top comes out-but for some reason all recipes I have read call for brown sugar. Even without dissolving the sugar completely, my cake turned out fabulous so it worked out well!
Mix often.

As the sugar mixture is that on low heat start combining all the dry ingredients. I used half xylitol instead of all sugar because xylitol is a natural sweetener with much less risk, and has the same texture as sugar. It has 40% fewer calories than processed sugar and 75% less carb intake. according to it is diabetic safe, does not cause spikes in blood pressure and does not promote cavities. Once the dry ingredients are mixed add the moist, with the coconut oil being added last. Here is where it got a bit tricky. Coconut is naturally a hard oil, so I had to melt it. As soon as I mixed it into my mixture it starting getting solidifying again, so mix it in quickly! Next time I may even heat up my milk just a little bit to help with he mixing. I may mention, most vegan recipes call for soy milk? I actually prefer not to use soy and the rice milk was perfect but I’ll try it with coconut milk next time. Even with all the coco butter, I could not taste the coconut flavor so these modifications did not take away from my cake at all.

Grease and flour a 10” spring form pan very well. Pour the sugar mixture into the bottom making sure all the sugar is evenly spread out. if you have a spring form like mine, some of the melted coconut may leak so set it on a cookie sheet to avoid dripping while you are working with it and in the oven! Evenly spread out pineapple slices over the sugar and if you want you can add maraschino cherries in the center of each slice (typical but I opted out since I didn’t have any)

Pour the cake batter over the pineapple slices. Bake for 50-60 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean when inserted in the center.

Run a knife around the edge of the pan to loosen the cake. Let the cake completely cool before removing the outer ring. Once you have removed the outer ring, gently invert onto a serving platter and remove the bottom of the spring form pan to reveal the pineapples.

Feeds 6-10 people depending on the size of the slices 🙂
According to my 5 year old son who has as much of a sweet tooth as me, this is child approved! (
They will never know it’s healthy(er) 😉



Ring bearer pillows and flower girl baskets to go with those clutches!


I now make flower girl baskets and pillows to go with your bridal clutch! Include embroidery on the ring bearer pillow to have a beautiful and memorable little pillow to decorate your new home!



I can make several styles, with piping on the edges, center flower, sash, sash and flower (as shown), or if you see something you like I may be able to do it!

The flower girl baskets are beautiful and match very well with what the bridesmaids use as clutches (if you order everything with me), but the baskets are fabric baskets so keep in mind they are not hard, but they are hard enough to stand on their own. The young girls will love to keep these for play and dress up! They can be as simple or as elaborate as you like?


And for the whole set, looks fabulous!


Violette had her kids!


This is from a friend of mine! These guys are just too cute to pass up!

Add y Too cute to pass up!

Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Reno, Nevada

Violette is now the proud momma of 3 sweet kids, born on Tuesday, February 19th.  2 doelings and 1 buckling.  See the sales page for info on available kids.

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Velocity girl bag, pattern tested


Here is another bag I tested for sewsweetness. f.
This pattern is a little more of a basic bag to the untrained eye but one of my favorites. It has 3 pockets on the front, that are tight so things won’t fall out too easily. 1 pocket on each exterior side which is wider at the bottom and narrow at the top so they are also fairly secure. The tops of the pockets have a beautiful trim detail. Inside are 3 more large pockets, one zippered, and a key chain clip. I used fabric from Joel dewberry’s new line, Notting hill. This bag is for sale here. velocity bag on etsy