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Upcycled purses from fabulous home decor sample fabrics.


I love it when I can use my creativity to explore and create beautiful new colors! Usually I make custom orders to my patrons specifications, or I make a repeat of something I have made before, and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE making that perfect bag for each client, but every once in awhile I have a little time in between, and some beautiful fabric that ignites that vision!

Lately I have been going through some fabrics I got from another wonderful artist! I have had the pleasure in making bags for a wonderful interior decorator and she has provided me with last seasons sample home decor fabrics to use if i want. Some of these are absolutely gorgeous! And they have been really fun to work with!

When working with these I usually have to do something small as the pieces are sample squares, and never duplicated but sometimes can coordinate. It is fun to look at a small square of fabric and visualize how this will become a beautiful purse with straps and lining and pockets etc…

My first choice to work with was this beautiful dark gray/brown linen with a maroon embroidered design on it! Being an embroiderer myself I love the details and elegance in this fabric and wonder how beautifully regal a full size drape might be, but I am satisfied with my 20″ by 20″ square and begin to cut.
I found a matching satin for the top of the purse which brings out the shininess of the embroidery thread adding glamor to the otherwise dullness of the gray linen. For the interior I found a glittery maroon damask fabric I have which is also very elegant. Custom fabric button and some leather straps for finishing touches and this chic, one of a kind, small ladies purse is ready for listing!


My next exploration was another embroidered piece of fabric. This one was narrower and long and I was able to use it in 3 pieces (2 pieces folded as front and back, and the other 3rd as a pocket inside) to create this beautiful kisslock wallet clutch. I am very pleased with my kisslock wallet clutches, as are many customers on etsy 🙂 and this one is especially beautiful with the way the embroidery is centered in the frame. It has an off white linen and the thread is silver so it has a very beautiful bridal quality to it. These wallets are smaller and thinner than clutches, so I would not consider them to be a full clutch, but they do fit all your cards, cash and in some cases a phone. I do make card pockets inside but the pockets for this one are limited, since the turquoise I used for the lining was also one of the sample fabrics. This has got to be my favorite shade of turquoise though (how many shades are there?) It’s vibrant and beautifully paired with the silver on the outside!















Sometimes when I go through fabrics I immediately visualize what it will become. That was the case for these 5 squares of fabric with a coral design. Each was a different color and I wasn’t sure how it would come together, but I knew it had to be beach bag of some sort. After matching colors that look good together and pairing it with a neutral chevron print it all came together perfectly!








Here are some more fabrics soon to be fabulous purses!




Months later…

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Some more finished bags and my display shelf at our local store Buy Nevada First Gift Shop and Info


Ring bearer pillows and flower girl baskets to go with those clutches!


I now make flower girl baskets and pillows to go with your bridal clutch! Include embroidery on the ring bearer pillow to have a beautiful and memorable little pillow to decorate your new home!



I can make several styles, with piping on the edges, center flower, sash, sash and flower (as shown), or if you see something you like I may be able to do it!

The flower girl baskets are beautiful and match very well with what the bridesmaids use as clutches (if you order everything with me), but the baskets are fabric baskets so keep in mind they are not hard, but they are hard enough to stand on their own. The young girls will love to keep these for play and dress up! They can be as simple or as elaborate as you like?


And for the whole set, looks fabulous!


Sunrise wristlet pattern tested


I am one of the many lucky pattern testers for a pattern creator called sewsweetness
This specific pattern was a lot of fun but a bit daunting to start since I have never paper pieced before but it is always fun to learn something new, and this one specifically turned out beautiful! This sunrise clutch is a beautiful and creative design!
Here is my version, and the first paper pieced sewing I ever did.



With inset zipper and detachable strap. More details here. .


Tablet cases and stands


Since getting my own iPad, I decided to venture in making cases for tablets and readers. I have several different styles. Some are tablet keepers with a Velcro closing belt that can be turned inside out and propped up as a stand. These keepers have a hard insert inside to keep the form stable so that it stands on its own and doesn’t slide under the weight of the e-tablet. This also works to be a hard cover protective layer for your electronic. I can make a pocket for your tablet so it is extra protected without the worry of sliding out, or for the stylus, keyboard, or notes. On the opposite side is either elastic a or fabric corner pockets, or both, to keep your stylus in place while propped up standing. The style is both practical and beautiful!

opticblossomMINI (4) SunflowermeadowIPADkeeper (2) Wysteria (2) Wysteria (4) WysteriaInside

My other style is a case, or sleeve, with a kisslock closure. This is a new and stylish way to make a padded and protective sleeve for your tablet. The sizes vary depending on the metal frame. I have a 6″ frame which holds minis, kindles, nooks, and small tablets up to size 5 1/2″. The 8″ holds iPads and other tablets up to size 7 1/2″ but it is too tight for any keyboards or protective covers. I also have a 9″ frame which will be roomy enough for the keyboard, and I have a 10″ if you need more room? These are usually about 12″ long (the larger version), so that your tablet clears the metal part of the kisslock frame. I usually like to decorate these with a ruffle or flower which is nice to look at. Anther fabulous option is the detachable chain. If you feel it would be more practical to store it in a hanging position, or to carry it around by a strap, then that option is always available in this style.20130127-150326.jpgDSCN5433SparrowsIpadmini (5)DSCN5430

Kisslock wallets.


My newest items, and so much fun to make! These are some adorable wallets that are both practical and stylish. I immediately made one for myself and have been using it all the time! Mine is the blue one with the pretty flower, but I have lots of colors in chevron print fabric so there is a variety available! Another new product I have been making are iPad cases and stands!






Custom made to order teardrop Hobos


As I will be away for a bit, I wanted to be able to show off my custom made to order teardrop hobo bags outside of my etsy store. Any of these, or other fabrics, can be custom made in time for (or before) Christmas, but not before November.

Purse palooza


This month there has been a Purse Palooza, full of Purses, patterns, bloggers, and prizes! One of these events included a prize for the best voted purse.If you have a Flickr account, please vote for my 3 purses 🙂 Vote here

This was for all purses made between June 4th through the 11th, and after the 11th voting is ON! Here are my entries!




This first one is intended to be a diaper bag, but I have not yet made the changing mat to go with it. I love how practical this is with the adjustable straps for a shoulder bag or messenger back, and then detachable back pack straps! It is about 13″ by 12″ and had 3 convenient pockets plus a key chain ring inside. You can see the full listing in my etsy store.

















My next bag is from Amy Butler’s reversible market tote pattern. I love how big and convenient this bag is! It is 22″ high, Almost 17″ across on the bottom (little less on the top) and has a 5″ depth. The straps are long enough to sling over your shoulder. The fabrics used are Amy Butlers Disco flower in tangerine and the full moon dots also in tangerine. On the disco flower side I have a contrasting pocket.You can read more about this bag or purchase it here





The 3rd bImageag I made is probably my favorite! This is an extra large beach bag also with one of Amy Butlers patterns, and fabrics by Joel dewberry. Thisbag is extremely large, but still fun to carry around. I stuffed 4 full size towels (3 bath 1 beach) and a 2 liter and it still was somewhat roomy! I added extra pockets inside since I was making this one for me to enjoy. 5 pockets plus a key chain clip! The pattern had some pretty complicated detail work around the handles, but nothing I can’t conquer, and in the end it looks FABULOUS! I am glad you also agree. 😉



Please vote for me!!!