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Tablet cases and stands


Since getting my own iPad, I decided to venture in making cases for tablets and readers. I have several different styles. Some are tablet keepers with a Velcro closing belt that can be turned inside out and propped up as a stand. These keepers have a hard insert inside to keep the form stable so that it stands on its own and doesn’t slide under the weight of the e-tablet. This also works to be a hard cover protective layer for your electronic. I can make a pocket for your tablet so it is extra protected without the worry of sliding out, or for the stylus, keyboard, or notes. On the opposite side is either elastic a or fabric corner pockets, or both, to keep your stylus in place while propped up standing. The style is both practical and beautiful!

opticblossomMINI (4) SunflowermeadowIPADkeeper (2) Wysteria (2) Wysteria (4) WysteriaInside

My other style is a case, or sleeve, with a kisslock closure. This is a new and stylish way to make a padded and protective sleeve for your tablet. The sizes vary depending on the metal frame. I have a 6″ frame which holds minis, kindles, nooks, and small tablets up to size 5 1/2″. The 8″ holds iPads and other tablets up to size 7 1/2″ but it is too tight for any keyboards or protective covers. I also have a 9″ frame which will be roomy enough for the keyboard, and I have a 10″ if you need more room? These are usually about 12″ long (the larger version), so that your tablet clears the metal part of the kisslock frame. I usually like to decorate these with a ruffle or flower which is nice to look at. Anther fabulous option is the detachable chain. If you feel it would be more practical to store it in a hanging position, or to carry it around by a strap, then that option is always available in this style.20130127-150326.jpgDSCN5433SparrowsIpadmini (5)DSCN5430


Kisslock wallets.


My newest items, and so much fun to make! These are some adorable wallets that are both practical and stylish. I immediately made one for myself and have been using it all the time! Mine is the blue one with the pretty flower, but I have lots of colors in chevron print fabric so there is a variety available! Another new product I have been making are iPad cases and stands!