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Cottage chic Holiday Wreaths


I am going trough a burlap phase that I really wanted to do last year but didn’t get around to it! A year later, but still just as fabulous, is a collection burlap wreaths and stockings as well! I am selling all my wreaths, so contact me at, or on my etsy page, for prices. They are very competitively priced in the range of $30-$45.IMG_1969.JPG





Violette had her kids!


This is from a friend of mine! These guys are just too cute to pass up!

Add y Too cute to pass up!

Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Reno, Nevada

Violette is now the proud momma of 3 sweet kids, born on Tuesday, February 19th.  2 doelings and 1 buckling.  See the sales page for info on available kids.

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Friday’s hot picks& great for your wedding!


It’s Friday again so that means hot picks of the week come out again! Here is just a taste (yummy Berry jam)  (1)

of some great finds on Etsy.

This collection would be great for your completely one of a kind and hand made wedding items! Whether you are planning a formal wedding, or a casual dinner party get together, here are some great decorations, invitations, and other hand crafted item that are sure to make your event unique! Check out some of these great center pieces and decorations.

Whether you are going for an organic (13) and wholesome look, or if you are going for something more elegant. (11)

Another fun idea is something fishy,(12) but without the maintenance of a real aquarium(12)

You can’t plan any event without invitations. Etsy has some great artists that strive to make any of your stationary one of a kind and unique to your event, whether it be for that formal occasion invitation,(8) or for a fun children party!(10)

Include some great party favors such as the classic pinwheels!(2)

Get an adorable flower girl outfit! (3)

You can’t have your bridesmaids walk down the isle, or hit the dance floor without their adorable little matching clutches!


An elegant swarovski crystal necklace would enhance any elegant occasion outfit! (7)

(9)And then a colorful and simply elegant piece for your Bridesmaids.


Remember to include your one of a kind bridal clutch, or maybe a clutch for the road on the honey moon!

Speaking of honeymoon, check out some comfy and stylish travel clothes.(5)