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Great etsy finds for 11.11.11


1) Very Pretty Things…Closing Sale.

Bring back some tradition with a stocking stuffer that shows an appreciation for the classic ways.

2) Abandoned Carousel Photography

Bring back the nostalgic moment of your childhood fair, or the feeling in your stomach of anticipating being lifte up really high in the sky with this photo of the chail carousels.

3) Hello Again Vintage
Cheetah Pendant Necklace

This beautiful piece makes a wonderful stocking stuffer for any woman, or even a man that has an affinity to heritage

4) Lolytte Designs
Knitted Red Lace Baby Set

This is a one of a kind adorable set for baby. Make your baby stand out in a Christmas picture, or during the Holidays, with this adorable hand knit hat, jacket and botties outfit!

5) Darn Cute Crafts
Scarecrow Tote Bag Purse

If you are still looking for that perfect fall bag, Here it is!

6) Monasbox & Bags
Birdy Hobo bag

This beautiful bag makes a great gift for that bird lover, or just the girl that likes the unique one of a kind items that no one else has!

7) Garage Gypsy Jewelry
Silver & Leather Handpiece

This is a beautiful way to adorn your hand! And a unique item, no one else will have anything like this!

8) Hypnoteyezed
Handmade frame with recycled colored pencils

This frame makes a great gift in a child’s room or an artists studio. It is a creative and fun way to display pictures of your loved ones

9) The Blue Lantern – Crochet Santa Hat Small Adult

Add a nice home made touch to this years Santa outfit with this crochet santa hat

10) Bubble gum yum from The Ivy Keep

This makes both a delicious tea, and a fun center piece or conversational piece! Bubble gum in your tea! Even kids will enjoy this bit of fun.

11)Monogrammed Stationery from LJLDESIGNSSTATIONERY

Make your invitations personal with this embroidered monogram card

12) peacock blue fascinator with green roses and peacock feathers

Add some old country flair to your Holiday party outfit with this elegant hair fascinator.

13) visionofbeautydesign – Vintage Style Filigree Ring Trio

These rings will make great stocking stuffers for a girl, woman, or even a man that has a taste for the adornment.

14) @RagBagArtistry
Unique Christmas Scarf, air sewn & quilted

This unique scarf is nothing like you’ve ever had before! Use it to decorate your outfit for a Christmas party or picture!

15) Christmas Duct Tape Wreath

This is a great wreath that will stand the tests of both time and weather! It will last you years without ever wilting, and it can also get wet, frozen, or hot without it getting ruined (but not too hot).

16) Colour Palette Scarf

Colour Palette ScarfColour Palette Scarf

by lolyttedesigns

This gorgeous scarf really shows your colorful side, while staying warm on the cold weather! This will really spruce up a boring sweater!

$42.27 USD