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Ring bearer pillows and flower girl baskets to go with those clutches!


I now make flower girl baskets and pillows to go with your bridal clutch! Include embroidery on the ring bearer pillow to have a beautiful and memorable little pillow to decorate your new home!



I can make several styles, with piping on the edges, center flower, sash, sash and flower (as shown), or if you see something you like I may be able to do it!

The flower girl baskets are beautiful and match very well with what the bridesmaids use as clutches (if you order everything with me), but the baskets are fabric baskets so keep in mind they are not hard, but they are hard enough to stand on their own. The young girls will love to keep these for play and dress up! They can be as simple or as elaborate as you like?


And for the whole set, looks fabulous!



Custom made to order teardrop Hobos


As I will be away for a bit, I wanted to be able to show off my custom made to order teardrop hobo bags outside of my etsy store. Any of these, or other fabrics, can be custom made in time for (or before) Christmas, but not before November.

Bridesmaids clutches



With all the weddings coming up and the beach bums out there, I have been busy making bags for all occasions and my blog has lacked attention! I am making an effort to come back, show some cool things on my blog, and maybe even share some tips and patterns to sewing! For starters, let me show you some of my bridal clutches, whether it’s for the bridal party or the bride herself!

My first style is a rounded envelope clutch style. Simply elegant. This pattern came from Michelle Patterns on etsy.

This envelope clutch was made with ivory silk and has a layered style flower. All my flowers are appliques and can be detachable, so the clutch itself can be versatile for any occasion in any color scheme, just attache a different color applique! These make great gifts for bridesmaids as they will be able to use it again after the wedding!


Here are some other flower designs. As you can see I do like to add tulle! Another similar style circle layered look, and then I have the 3 petal look, and then I have one of my most elegant and time consuming, the hidden color underneath spiral flower.



Here is another example of my dual color spiral flower. In this one I actually added satin I used from the clutch onto the button in the center, so the flower and the silver clutch complimented each other very nicely! The bridesmaids who were lucky enough to get these clutches were wearing silver shoes, and blue and violet dresses! Gorgeous!

Some other example of colors and flower designs! I love to use fun fabrics inside, especially when outside is a basic yet elegant look. I can also embroider names or monograms to give your bridesmaid that really special gift.

What about other appliques you might ask? For example the increasingly popular feathers, or more specifically Peacock feathers!

This clutch is actually currently available in my store.  But I can also do other designs if this flower is too big for the clutch, such as these beautiful metal frame clutches.

This Bride had 4 clutches made with black silk and black lace overlay, and then for herself she had ivory silk with black lace. She even had a flower girl bag made with ruffle and a purple fabric with purple lace. The whole ensemble was very nice with a very peacock theme!

Another peacock clutch design

If peacock feathers are not your thing, I also have other style feathers that look exquisite! With or without feathers.

This style was made with a layered circle flower,

except in only one color. And the whole clutch

was covered in lace which gives it a very beautiful

and vintage style look.



Feel free to browse more of my style clutches, whether it’s for a special occasion or just casual here!

I also make diaper clutches as well, if that one special day is in the past, and those special moments with that wonderful new little person in your life is upon you!

Friday’s hot picks& great for your wedding!


It’s Friday again so that means hot picks of the week come out again! Here is just a taste (yummy Berry jam)  (1)

of some great finds on Etsy.

This collection would be great for your completely one of a kind and hand made wedding items! Whether you are planning a formal wedding, or a casual dinner party get together, here are some great decorations, invitations, and other hand crafted item that are sure to make your event unique! Check out some of these great center pieces and decorations.

Whether you are going for an organic (13) and wholesome look, or if you are going for something more elegant. (11)

Another fun idea is something fishy,(12) but without the maintenance of a real aquarium(12)

You can’t plan any event without invitations. Etsy has some great artists that strive to make any of your stationary one of a kind and unique to your event, whether it be for that formal occasion invitation,(8) or for a fun children party!(10)

Include some great party favors such as the classic pinwheels!(2)

Get an adorable flower girl outfit! (3)

You can’t have your bridesmaids walk down the isle, or hit the dance floor without their adorable little matching clutches!


An elegant swarovski crystal necklace would enhance any elegant occasion outfit! (7)

(9)And then a colorful and simply elegant piece for your Bridesmaids.


Remember to include your one of a kind bridal clutch, or maybe a clutch for the road on the honey moon!

Speaking of honeymoon, check out some comfy and stylish travel clothes.(5)