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Upcycled purses from fabulous home decor sample fabrics.


I love it when I can use my creativity to explore and create beautiful new colors! Usually I make custom orders to my patrons specifications, or I make a repeat of something I have made before, and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE making that perfect bag for each client, but every once in awhile I have a little time in between, and some beautiful fabric that ignites that vision!

Lately I have been going through some fabrics I got from another wonderful artist! I have had the pleasure in making bags for a wonderful interior decorator and she has provided me with last seasons sample home decor fabrics to use if i want. Some of these are absolutely gorgeous! And they have been really fun to work with!

When working with these I usually have to do something small as the pieces are sample squares, and never duplicated but sometimes can coordinate. It is fun to look at a small square of fabric and visualize how this will become a beautiful purse with straps and lining and pockets etc…

My first choice to work with was this beautiful dark gray/brown linen with a maroon embroidered design on it! Being an embroiderer myself I love the details and elegance in this fabric and wonder how beautifully regal a full size drape might be, but I am satisfied with my 20″ by 20″ square and begin to cut.
I found a matching satin for the top of the purse which brings out the shininess of the embroidery thread adding glamor to the otherwise dullness of the gray linen. For the interior I found a glittery maroon damask fabric I have which is also very elegant. Custom fabric button and some leather straps for finishing touches and this chic, one of a kind, small ladies purse is ready for listing!


My next exploration was another embroidered piece of fabric. This one was narrower and long and I was able to use it in 3 pieces (2 pieces folded as front and back, and the other 3rd as a pocket inside) to create this beautiful kisslock wallet clutch. I am very pleased with my kisslock wallet clutches, as are many customers on etsy 🙂 and this one is especially beautiful with the way the embroidery is centered in the frame. It has an off white linen and the thread is silver so it has a very beautiful bridal quality to it. These wallets are smaller and thinner than clutches, so I would not consider them to be a full clutch, but they do fit all your cards, cash and in some cases a phone. I do make card pockets inside but the pockets for this one are limited, since the turquoise I used for the lining was also one of the sample fabrics. This has got to be my favorite shade of turquoise though (how many shades are there?) It’s vibrant and beautifully paired with the silver on the outside!















Sometimes when I go through fabrics I immediately visualize what it will become. That was the case for these 5 squares of fabric with a coral design. Each was a different color and I wasn’t sure how it would come together, but I knew it had to be beach bag of some sort. After matching colors that look good together and pairing it with a neutral chevron print it all came together perfectly!








Here are some more fabrics soon to be fabulous purses!




Months later…

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Some more finished bags and my display shelf at our local store Buy Nevada First Gift Shop and Info


Custom made to order teardrop Hobos


As I will be away for a bit, I wanted to be able to show off my custom made to order teardrop hobo bags outside of my etsy store. Any of these, or other fabrics, can be custom made in time for (or before) Christmas, but not before November.

Bridesmaids clutches



With all the weddings coming up and the beach bums out there, I have been busy making bags for all occasions and my blog has lacked attention! I am making an effort to come back, show some cool things on my blog, and maybe even share some tips and patterns to sewing! For starters, let me show you some of my bridal clutches, whether it’s for the bridal party or the bride herself!

My first style is a rounded envelope clutch style. Simply elegant. This pattern came from Michelle Patterns on etsy.

This envelope clutch was made with ivory silk and has a layered style flower. All my flowers are appliques and can be detachable, so the clutch itself can be versatile for any occasion in any color scheme, just attache a different color applique! These make great gifts for bridesmaids as they will be able to use it again after the wedding!


Here are some other flower designs. As you can see I do like to add tulle! Another similar style circle layered look, and then I have the 3 petal look, and then I have one of my most elegant and time consuming, the hidden color underneath spiral flower.



Here is another example of my dual color spiral flower. In this one I actually added satin I used from the clutch onto the button in the center, so the flower and the silver clutch complimented each other very nicely! The bridesmaids who were lucky enough to get these clutches were wearing silver shoes, and blue and violet dresses! Gorgeous!

Some other example of colors and flower designs! I love to use fun fabrics inside, especially when outside is a basic yet elegant look. I can also embroider names or monograms to give your bridesmaid that really special gift.

What about other appliques you might ask? For example the increasingly popular feathers, or more specifically Peacock feathers!

This clutch is actually currently available in my store.  But I can also do other designs if this flower is too big for the clutch, such as these beautiful metal frame clutches.

This Bride had 4 clutches made with black silk and black lace overlay, and then for herself she had ivory silk with black lace. She even had a flower girl bag made with ruffle and a purple fabric with purple lace. The whole ensemble was very nice with a very peacock theme!

Another peacock clutch design

If peacock feathers are not your thing, I also have other style feathers that look exquisite! With or without feathers.

This style was made with a layered circle flower,

except in only one color. And the whole clutch

was covered in lace which gives it a very beautiful

and vintage style look.



Feel free to browse more of my style clutches, whether it’s for a special occasion or just casual here!

I also make diaper clutches as well, if that one special day is in the past, and those special moments with that wonderful new little person in your life is upon you!