Sunrise wristlet pattern tested


I am one of the many lucky pattern testers for a pattern creator called sewsweetness
This specific pattern was a lot of fun but a bit daunting to start since I have never paper pieced before but it is always fun to learn something new, and this one specifically turned out beautiful! This sunrise clutch is a beautiful and creative design!
Here is my version, and the first paper pieced sewing I ever did.



With inset zipper and detachable strap. More details here. .



Convertible Diaper bags


Mckray (2)

I have now made quite a few of these adorable diaper bags with an extra feature, detachable back pack straps! Yes, that’s right! You can have a messenger bag, over the should, adjustable straps, lots of pockets etc… But then what happens when your baby wants to be carried? Put your bag on your back and then you have your hands free for what really matters!

sophia front

I make these with embroidery so your bag is your own unique one of a kind, whether it’s a design you like or a name?

I also do this with your choice fabrics and can include extras, such as changing mat, diaper clutch, coin purse, and any (reasonable) number and size of pockets.

The main strap is adjustable. The back pack straps are detachable.convertible diaper back

There can be 2 side pockets on the outside, great for sippy cups and bottles. One large back pocket to store the changing mat, papers, or soiled clothes/diapers.


There are also styles for Dada!


Tablet cases and stands


Since getting my own iPad, I decided to venture in making cases for tablets and readers. I have several different styles. Some are tablet keepers with a Velcro closing belt that can be turned inside out and propped up as a stand. These keepers have a hard insert inside to keep the form stable so that it stands on its own and doesn’t slide under the weight of the e-tablet. This also works to be a hard cover protective layer for your electronic. I can make a pocket for your tablet so it is extra protected without the worry of sliding out, or for the stylus, keyboard, or notes. On the opposite side is either elastic a or fabric corner pockets, or both, to keep your stylus in place while propped up standing. The style is both practical and beautiful!

opticblossomMINI (4) SunflowermeadowIPADkeeper (2) Wysteria (2) Wysteria (4) WysteriaInside

My other style is a case, or sleeve, with a kisslock closure. This is a new and stylish way to make a padded and protective sleeve for your tablet. The sizes vary depending on the metal frame. I have a 6″ frame which holds minis, kindles, nooks, and small tablets up to size 5 1/2″. The 8″ holds iPads and other tablets up to size 7 1/2″ but it is too tight for any keyboards or protective covers. I also have a 9″ frame which will be roomy enough for the keyboard, and I have a 10″ if you need more room? These are usually about 12″ long (the larger version), so that your tablet clears the metal part of the kisslock frame. I usually like to decorate these with a ruffle or flower which is nice to look at. Anther fabulous option is the detachable chain. If you feel it would be more practical to store it in a hanging position, or to carry it around by a strap, then that option is always available in this style.20130127-150326.jpgDSCN5433SparrowsIpadmini (5)DSCN5430

Kisslock wallets.


My newest items, and so much fun to make! These are some adorable wallets that are both practical and stylish. I immediately made one for myself and have been using it all the time! Mine is the blue one with the pretty flower, but I have lots of colors in chevron print fabric so there is a variety available! Another new product I have been making are iPad cases and stands!






Custom made to order teardrop Hobos


As I will be away for a bit, I wanted to be able to show off my custom made to order teardrop hobo bags outside of my etsy store. Any of these, or other fabrics, can be custom made in time for (or before) Christmas, but not before November.

Purse palooza


This month there has been a Purse Palooza, full of Purses, patterns, bloggers, and prizes! One of these events included a prize for the best voted purse.If you have a Flickr account, please vote for my 3 purses 🙂 Vote here

This was for all purses made between June 4th through the 11th, and after the 11th voting is ON! Here are my entries!




This first one is intended to be a diaper bag, but I have not yet made the changing mat to go with it. I love how practical this is with the adjustable straps for a shoulder bag or messenger back, and then detachable back pack straps! It is about 13″ by 12″ and had 3 convenient pockets plus a key chain ring inside. You can see the full listing in my etsy store.

















My next bag is from Amy Butler’s reversible market tote pattern. I love how big and convenient this bag is! It is 22″ high, Almost 17″ across on the bottom (little less on the top) and has a 5″ depth. The straps are long enough to sling over your shoulder. The fabrics used are Amy Butlers Disco flower in tangerine and the full moon dots also in tangerine. On the disco flower side I have a contrasting pocket.You can read more about this bag or purchase it here





The 3rd bImageag I made is probably my favorite! This is an extra large beach bag also with one of Amy Butlers patterns, and fabrics by Joel dewberry. Thisbag is extremely large, but still fun to carry around. I stuffed 4 full size towels (3 bath 1 beach) and a 2 liter and it still was somewhat roomy! I added extra pockets inside since I was making this one for me to enjoy. 5 pockets plus a key chain clip! The pattern had some pretty complicated detail work around the handles, but nothing I can’t conquer, and in the end it looks FABULOUS! I am glad you also agree. 😉



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