Some great artists


Here are several great artists and there awesome products for sale on Etsy. All these items are one of a kind and hand made with care.
1) DaSweetZpot COKE and RUM Jelly

2) Monasbox
Easter egg basket with Robin’s eggs and birdhouses design. The handle and sides have Birch tree designs. This can be customizable any size or fabric. See the listing

3) ddfoto
Photo of Cadaques Spain-Yellow Town 8×12×12-photograph-cadaques

4) @JLamDesigns
Perfect for spring: Love bird save-the-date

5) PurdyThings
Fun Chunky Fiber Necklace

6) Delightfulprints
Adorable Easter Party Invitation Must Have

7) darncutecrafts
Baby Girl Polka Dots Diaper Bag

8) MeShe Designs
Starfish Beachy Necklace

9) CloudberryAndMoss
Spring green wool, gems and silver flower necklace

10) Jewelery with me
Fun light weight earrings in two shades of green

11)  GlassTableaus Great Art for Easter! (or any time!)

12) Leebweeb – modern knits
Perfect cowl/ wrap for a romantic evening out!

13) Bead on a Wire – Unnique and Inspired Jewelry
Gorgeous silver and lapis lazuli bracelet with funky clasp.

Sun hat perfect for spring gardening

Purple Passion

16) ArielSimone -Bright Lazer Swimsuit


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